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About Develop NYC

When I started my career in New York City, I quickly noticed a pattern. While there were many Junior Front-End Engineers, there were few Senior Front-End Engineers. In the first decade of my career, I learned why. Front-End Engineers have no professional path to seniority. I watched many colleagues become managers, be it technical managers or product managers. I watched as their skills wither. They stopped writing code. They stopped advancing their techinque. I wanted a different future. I wanted a future where being an expert at Client Side Development and Front-End Engineering is viable. A future where continous improvement is important. I founded Develop NYC to be a solution. To provide New York City with expert Front-End Engineering. To foster web products in both startups and corportations.

The landscape of technologies on the Front-End is constantly changing. Techniques, tricks and hacks that were common place in the late 1990s have no home in the world of ES2015 and beyond. Staying up-to-date with the latest improvements to JavaScript and the avalanche of frameworks is a fulltime job. While the technology changes, sound programming practices do not. Patience and forethought are hallmarks of a senior engineer. When it comes to building applications that generate millions in revenue, risk needs a place. Finding a balance between fastest time-to-market and maintainable is best learned with experience.


I made my first website in 1998. A Flash site to display photographs. I was hooked. Today, with two decades of experience, I know the browser well. Though the most popular browser progressed from Netscape to Internet Explorer and now Google Chrome, the basics of building a profitable technical enterprise remain the same. It requires a well trained team.

I can help you grow a team, train developers and produce code. Building client applications, often in JavaScript, I find that each revision helps build team momentum. Concepts, which are discussed only in meetings -- product features -- existing only in PhotoShop can suddenly be viewed. Once only seen on a projector, now a simple, yet robust, web browser brings the design to life. It's morale super fuel.

The popularity of JavaScript has exploded over the last decade. From mere toy language, relegated to the browser, it's grown up and is everywhere. Authors such as Douglas Crockford broke new ground, insisting JavaScript is a language to be taken seriously. Today, it powers platforms like React Native and PhoneGap. It has open source transpilers. JavaScript powers the rich Chrome Extension ecosystem. Also, it's a powerful server side language. It has a sprawling package management system called npm. JavaScript is here to stay, it's expanding. It's relatively simple to learn and like any language, a lifetime to master.

I work with Front-End Engineering Teams, Back-End and Full-Stack Only Teams. Teams of various configurations. In all cases, the team needs Client Side expertise and Product Driven Development. Product, Business, Design and Engineering are all relevant stakeholders for the final Front-End product. Clear, effective communication is critical to reducing confusion and creating value. In all interactions, I bring a level of senority, expertise and patience to help bring your next product revision to market.

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